Prattling Prattle
New Layout!
[ August 20th, 2006 | 10:35pm ]

Welcome to the ux.Remade series! Here you can enjoy the wonderful environment of Tim's Retreat, where you can read, sign the guestbook, leave a comment, or just take a stroll throughout the website. Featuring in this layout, you can see that in the top right corner (below the top banner) you'll see three links, "Red", "Green", and "Blue". By clicking on these links, it'll let you change the look and colour scheme of the website, giving you more flexibility when viewing the website. I've also added an animated image, which are the boxes that cycle through different opacities, a first to any of my layouts.

The characters used in this website may be familiar to some of you, including the famous Kirby, Tac, and Meta-Knight, the cute but scary Kamineko cat, and Shy-Guy's from the Mario collection! A new character to add to my cast is the "wtf?" bear, originating from the DiGi Charat anime series. The real name of the bear is unknown as the characters never seem to agree on one name for it. The reason I named it the wtf bear is because in one portion of the series, the main characters gets mad because she can't tell whether the bear is crying, laughing, mad or depressed. It just so happens the bear is in the state of all 4, simultaneously.

Also new to the website is the comment box at the bottom of the blog, allowing you to write a quick (or long) comment on my recent thoughts of the moment. This comment box is credited to (I don't know how to code one yet). Please leave a comment!